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The LIFE ELIA is "linear LIFE", which means that various partners and regions are involved.

Among them, the foresters. The LIFE team has hold meetings with 20 cantonments of the Nature and Forests Department (DNF) involved in the power lines paths of our project across public forests, That is 6 Directions of Field Services covered by the project on 8 existing in the Walloon region.

An overall presentation of the project, as well as on the concrete actions of habitat restoration, than on communication to a general audience was given to each interested head of 'cantonments' and their 3 or 4 field officers, both in the Walloon Region and other European regions. More than 80 people at all have been met during less than a month and a half.

The Administration's field services take a clear interest in the project. The foresters propose some restoration projects, share their experience, share their knowledge bout field work, emphasize some local constraints that should be taken into account.

After presenting the results of first-step mapping of autumn 2011, the team outlines the goals of more refined mapping step that will be conducted in spring 2012.

All foresters we met marked their wish to actively participate in this second part of field survey, in close collaboration with the LIFE team, in order to share their vision of a development of HV lines favorable to biodiversity in their yard.

One of the issues of LIFE-ELIA definitely consists in the re-appropriation of this no man's land, that is the HV lines, by the various stakeholders including the rural forest managers.